Worried that a Custom Home Remodel will Disrupt your Routine?

Call Birmingham, AL’s preferred custom home builders

Harmony Remodeling has been Birmingham’s respectful Home Building & Remodeling Contractor for the past 20 years, and as such - we have found that most Home Owners fear that during the construction process, their home will be violated and they will feel inconvenienced and disrespected. This is why Harmony Remodeling has created a unique method of construction that focuses on an on-time, clean, stress free remodeling experience that will surpass their exacting standards and high expectations. Harmony strives to provide Unconditional Respect to your Home & Lifestyle and fulfill even the UNEXPRESSED wishes & needs of the Home Owner.

"We put as much emphasis on the process as we do the product. We are after your referral, not your savings account. Our company's core values are based on honesty, integrity, good ethics, RESPECT and most of all … HARMONY. "

"By working in sync and unselfishly with our homeowners - our fellow employees, Trade Contractors, & our suppliers all have the same goal: Harmony. Simply put, "The Harmony Way” was developed to provide everyone involved more life; a better life with as little stress or disruption as possible."

Customize every aspect of your home AND THE PROCESS

Your current property is undoubtedly a house, but you’re longing for something that’s more of a home. Our Birmingham, Alabama Remodeling Contractors have more than 20 years of experience, and we’ll take the time to create a space that meets your family’s needs.

Let Harmony Remodeling, Inc. manage the construction of your custom home. We’ll maximize space, add high-end finishes and design stunning custom features – all while completing our work ethically and efficiently.

Owners Mike and Jennie Jones are only interested in a happy Home Owner. Their desire is to build you a custom home or home addition that boosts your curb appeal and exceeds your expectations. A client’s rave review is like music to our ears – that’s why Harmony Remodeling takes such good care of our clients in Birmingham and beyond.

OUR STORY.......

We started out in 1996, doing a few Remodeling Jobs & in time word of mouth led to many larger Remodeling Projects and eventually Custom Homes. As we grew, we came to understand that the way we made the Homeowners feel had more of an impact on the project than the physical structure that we built.

We built many Custom Homes and finished many Home Additions that were "fit for a king." But we began to realize that you can create the most incredible Kitchen, Bath, House - whatever, for someone … and if you stress them out in the process, they won't appreciate any of it. So, with that knowledge, we started focusing on the "process" as much as we did the product. The result was that time after time, when we put everything we had into showing the up-most of respect to the owner, their family, their property, and (most of all) their everyday routine, it was a success. In the end, they loved the job and would emphatically refer us to their friends. We kept hearing "I Love My Contractor" and hense, www.iLoveMyContractor.com was born.......

So today, we've fine-tuned this approach and developed a code of conduct for our employees, our subs and our vendors that focuses on our number one objective: Trust and Respect. Once that is established, we can accomplish anything and rest assured that everyone is happy. So, when we are asked, "What makes your company different?," it's easy. Our business systems focus on the desire to deliver a "Stress Free Remodeling Experience," (as opposed to fast profits) which in turn results in our customers' delight with the project AND THE PROCESS.

At Harmony, we're interested in a GREAT referral, not your savings account.

Experience the Difference of “Concierge Building”

Mike and Jennie understand that every client has individual tastes and design preferences. When you work with us, we won’t show you a book full of templates. We’ll let you dream up your ideal Birmingham, Alabama area home.

Jennie, who works as an custom home designer, will draw up a custom blueprint just for you. Our “concierge building” process caters to you and your custom home vision. Your remodeling wish is our construction command.