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Our Story

Your Go To Remodeling Company In Birmingham, Alabama

We started out in 1996, doing a few Remodeling Jobs & in time word of mouth led to many larger Remodeling Projects and eventually Custom Homes. As we grew, we came to understand that the way we made the Homeowners feel had more of an impact on the project than the physical structure that we built.

We built many Custom Homes and finished many Home Additions that were "fit for a king." But we began to realize that you can create the most incredible Kitchen, Bath, House - whatever, for someone … and if you stress them out in the process, they won't appreciate any of it. So, with that knowledge, we started focusing on the "process" as much as we did the product. The result was that time after time, when we put everything we had into showing the up-most of respect to the owner, their family, their property, and (most of all) their everyday routine, it was a success. In the end, they loved the job and would emphatically refer us to their friends. We kept hearing "I Love My Contractor" and hense, was born.......

So today, we've fine-tuned this approach and developed a code of conduct for our employees, our subs and our vendors that focuses on our number one objective: Trust and Respect. Once that is established, we can accomplish anything and rest assured that everyone is happy. So, when we are asked, "What makes your company different?," it's easy. Our business systems focus on the desire to deliver a "Stress Free Remodeling Experience," (as opposed to fast profits) which in turn results in our customers' delight with the project AND THE PROCESS.

At Harmony, we're interested in a GREAT referral, not your savings account.